How to dress with men shirts as a woman

Have you seen a shirt that you loved the design or the colors, but it was cut for men? 


Have you seen a shirt that you loved the design or the colors, but it was cut for men? 

Have you wanted to wear a shirt from one of the men in your life because you felt like it? Or gotten stranded and had no other option available than to wear a shirt that was cut for men? I can reply yes when it comes to myself. Mostly it was a fashion decision but sometimes out of necessity. In doing so I have learned a few tricks that I would like to share with you.

What  I have learned from my experience is that depending on one’s shape, the size of the shirt and finally on the fit one wants various approaches can be taken. But before we get into these details let’s talk a bit more about why you should wear men’s clothing as a woman!

Why should you wear men’s clothing as a woman?

Incorporating men’s pieces to your wardrobe is a fun yet easy way to convey a chic and effortless fashion statement. The possibilities are endless, and men’s pieces are great for layering and creating that trendy oversized and comfortable look. This has also been an emerging trend in fashion with women integrating men’s clothing and accessories to enhance their style. Although it’s become more popular over the years, famous and powerful women have been sporting men’s pieces for years (link to some pictures or insert pictures of celebs). Lastly, sometimes our shapes are not accommodated properly in women’s fashion designs. For example, I personally have a tough time finding tops or blazers that fit my torso and my arms at the same time!!! So apart from sewing one myself, shopping in the men’s section and then styling it is a great option.

Now on how to style men’s clothing…

Some tips on styling men’s clothing:

The main difference between men's clothes and women’s clothes is that it does not fit our curves, especially our busts and hips, that well and that can lead to gaps at the bust level when it comes to shirts for example. When combining men’s pieces to your outfit, I recommend wearing one piece at a time. For example, if you are wearing a men’s shirt, such as the long or short sleeve samakaka shirts, I suggest pairing it with something more fitted. In the next sections I am going to break down my suggestions based on the fit you want to get and or your body type! I wanted to break my suggestions down to make it easy for you to spot which will be more convenient for you to take that step into the men's fashion world but you can use any of these approaches if you grab the right size of piece of clothing.

1- Having an oversized fit

You have few options when it comes to the oversize fit. You can wear your shirt unbuttoned to create that effortless and layering look. To make the men’s shirt stand out, you can style it with that little black dress or even knotting it in the front to create a different look. If you feel like the shirt is overwhelming on your body or want to feminize the look, incorporate a high waisted belt to create that more fitted look and transform your shirt into a dress! 

2- When the shirt fits to tight on bust area

If you choose a shirt that is too tight on the bust area do not get alarmed. On the contrary, play it sexy by unbuttoning the few top buttons and wearing a sexy top underneath. You can also, after unbuttoning the first few buttons, slide your shirt a bit towards the back, to create a “boat collar” look that would reveal your collar bones.

3- When the shirts fits too tight on the hips

Having wider hips can lead to not being able to button the lower buttons on a shirt cut for men’s more slender hips; however, you can still style it! Tucking in the front of your shirt and leaving the back out gives you a comfortable, effortless, and elegant look that will be a trendsetter in your friend’s group. You can also tuck in the front and back while pairing the shirt with high-waisted trousers or a skirt. Tucking in one side of the front of your shirt will also make it chic, especially with some tight trousers and high heels to go along like in the picture, where I am wearing our …. shirt.

Lastly, there is no right or wrong way to style men’s pieces as a woman. It is all about being confident and feeling bold, which is what KYN Apparel sets out to do!