Hello, we are KYN Apparel! 

There are two main reasons that lead to the creation of this new clothing brand:

1. The need to feel a gap in fashion locally here in Edmonton and Canada to a larger scale. 

After moving to Edmonton from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, I encountered difficulties trying to find fashion pieces that were made in or even incorporated African-inspired prints. I missed the clothing, and based on conversations I was having, a lot of Black and people of Afro descent missed it as well. I love to shop local, but there weren’t many options to purchase the clothing I like within Edmonton. I was left to shop internationally with the duties and expensive shipping fees attached, or I had to wait until I went back for a visit in Burkina Faso or any other country on the African continent to buy clothing and fabrics in African prints.

2. To bring African inspired fashion prints to Canada.

The second reason I started KYN Apparel was to expose Edmonton and Canada to new fabrics and designs that incorporated these vibrant prints. Fashion is ever changing and evolving, and I personally think African bold designs are in and they are here to stay! It is my pleasure to share my passion for these prints with my fellow Canadians. Canada is a melting pot of cultures and I enjoy every opportunity to learn and appreciate each and every culture I am exposed to. In my opinion, if you are appreciating and celebrating African culture, it is alright to wear it on your sleeve (literally)! 

What is the concept behind KYN Apparel?

I didn’t want to just transpose what I grew up learning back in Burkina Faso to my Canadian context. I wanted to create more. I wanted to make a perfect marriage out of my two cultures: African and Canadian. So, KYN Apparel collections are professional and casual so the wearer can go to work and perform daily activities in comfort, quality and style.

My brand also provides cold weather attire so that even in winter you can keep your colors flying. If you are from Afro descent and/or Black and you yearn to wear some African prints in your work setting while owning it, we are the brand for that! If you are from any other ethnic background than Afro and you love fashion, especially bold and unique and fresh designs then KYN Apparel is your new best friend.

KYN Apparel: 1 year after our launch:

I officially launched my brand back in November 2019. I know, right in time to welcome Covid-19! How convenient!

But the welcome has been overwhelmingly positive. Black people were super happy to have fresh and Canadian-weather adapted options available to them locally. For those that were being introduced to the bold prints of African heritage, it was excitement and curiosity. We had the opportunity to partake in a few fashion shows before life as we know it now started, and your feedback was motivating and inspiring.

Unfortunately, plans to participate in more fashion shows and events across Canada were halted due to the pandemic. On top of that, since we were no longer going to the office or casually strolling in town, shopping for clothes for such instances was no longer a necessity.

But fret not, we pivoted a bit and started offering high quality and stylish cloth face masks and also lounge wear such as t-shirts and hoodies with affirmative words to keep you anchored. Make sure you check them out on our website where you can also find the rest of our collection for women and men.


What is next for KYN Apparel?

We are currently working on our next collection, which will soon be available on our website just in time for your Spring and Summer wardrobe. I am personally super excited with this upcoming collection and will try my best to include you into the creative process by documenting my steps. I always like learning about how things come about and hope you would enjoy seeing our process.

So keep an eye out starting in February 2021, which coincides with Black History Month!

Thanks for reading, and for following along with KYN Apparel in our first year in business!